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What problem does Rolaz solve?

Carlos Rodrigo
Updated 1 month ago
It's important to be aware of some of the challenges faced by Rolaz. Despite there being several, we're highlighting the most important ones.

Volatility: The backing of most crypto assets can be hard to understand, as they're most often backed by intangible assets, or in some cases backed by nothing at all. The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies is a hallmark of the cryptocurrency market. For this reason, gold plays a role in the stability of our ecosystem that makes it possible to prevent any possible price fluctuations.

Investment Restrictions: We wanted to democratize a financial market such as Hedge Funds that was only accessible to a small group of only the wealthy and privileged people. Without substantial investments, Rolaz allows you to be part of a financial system that promises robust returns.

Bureaucracy: Today, blockchain technology enables us to offer instant access to tokenized assets through simple processes. This is the case of the Rolaz Protocol, which will give us access to different tokenized assets represented in investments scenarios.

Lack of complete financial ecosystem: We are an investment system that looks for viable approaches to the needs of different types of investors. Therefore, we will offer token holders a selection of portfolio investments within our ecosystem in all various risk scenarios for every appetite.

Economic uncertainty: Unfortunately, the cryptocurrency space has its downtrend periods. That's where we look to find a safe haven. Individuals attracted to crypto-asset investing are always looking for ways to grow their wealth or seek ways to safeguard their investments. The idea of Rolaz was to create a financial ecosystem that can protect our community's assets in times of economic uncertainty while we provide an investment portfolio related with natural, financial and investment assets.
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