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About the gold-backing process

How does it work
Carlos Rodrigo
Updated 1 month ago

Rolaz Gold, unlike other cryptocurrencies, is not subject to soft or hard caps. This is because it relies on a gold backing process. This process is carried out through cycles of 1 million tokens each. Each time a gold cycle occurs, an internal transaction is made where 70% is backed as an initial phase. Therefore, the Rolaz Group supplies sufficient quantities of gold from its reservoirs to complete the backup process. 

➥ Why every one million tokens?, because of cost-benefit. All activities required to implement this process reach substantial expenses. For this reason, we have performed a financial analysis to determine the minimum amount necessary to carry out this process. 

➥ What about the remaining 30%?, comes from the staking process. Operations yield us over 80% annually. So, in a nutshell, we take 50% for token holder's ROI and 30% to back up the remaining, so we can reach 100%. 
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