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The future value of the Rolaz Gold (rGLD) token

Some important factors that help to increase the value of the token
Carlos Rodrigo
Updated 1 month ago
In reality, the market defines the price of the token based on certain criteria. We will provide the most appropriate scenario to help increase the price, among the factors we would like to share:

▪️ GOLD: The rGLD token's capitalization is guaranteed by gold, meaning that every dollar raised should have its equivalent in gold. The first factor that will boost the value of a rGLD token is gold's global market.

▪️PROTOCOL: Second factor, are all other assets tokenized by the Rolaz protocol, which will generate a chain of added value through the creation of a governance token to manage them all.

▪️HEDGE FUND: Third factor is the Hedge Fund that will invest on behalf of token holders in traditional and non traditional markets and which 80% of the revenue will capitalized rGLD token. This process will be carried out by a voting system that only token holders can participate in.

▪️BURNING (DEFLATIONARY SYSTEM): We have measures in place that prevents iinflation from worsening in inflationary environments in addition to other safeguards we handle. During the staking process, we burn 50% of the rGLD tokens. So, in total, 50% of the rGLD tokens are paid out upon maturity, while the other 50% is transferred in cryptocurrency.

▪️GOLD BACKUP CYCLE: When a backup cycle is complete, the demand for rGLDs rises as it means gold is physically stored.

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