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How to buy Rolaz Gold (rGLD) tokens

(step by step guide)
Carlos Rodrigo
Updated 6 months ago

Getting started in the DeFi world is not an easy task. In this tutorial we will explain in the simplest way possible the process of buying Rolaz Gold (rGLD) tokens.

Rolaz's Dapp (decentralized application) is the interface we use to communicate with smart contracts and blockchain. This communication needs a client, like a wallet, to act as a bridge.

How to connect your wallet from Desktop/Computer:

● Install Metamask (recommended) since it is the most commonly used wallet for interacting with Dapps and web3 services. It has a Google Chrome extension that allows you to easily connect to DeFi platforms via your browser. Download Metamask from here.

See Other Binance Smart Chain Wallets.

● Be sure Binance Smart Chain Network is enabled on Metamask. To add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask, follow this tutorial: How to add Binance Smart Chain to MetaMask

● Have some BNB in your Metamask, on the Binance Smart Chain network. Many people get lost here: transactions on any blockchain have a cost, which are paid in the network's native token. But if you have 0 BNB in your balance you can't do anything. Now how do I get BNB?, in an exchange, like Binance or Pancakeswap: you buy BNB and send it to your BNB address in Metamask.

● Top up your wallet with BNB based on how much you want to invest.

Now we are ready to purchase rGLD tokens! 

1) Visit the website.
2) Click on the BUY TOKENS button.
3) Connect your Metamask wallet and choose the BNB smart chain. (Follow steps below)
4) Input the number of tokens you want to purchase.
5) From the Metamask wallet, click confirm to confirm the transaction.
6) Just wait for a moment, and you will receive your first rGLD tokens.

Next up...
How to see your rGLD tokens in MetaMask
In Metamask extension:
To see your tokens, click on the Assets tab. Your tokens should be listed under this tab. Don't forget to select BNB Smart Chain.

Click the Add Token button on your account page after scrolling down.

● On the Add Token page, click on the Custom Token tab to expand the search window.

● Enter the rGLD token address in the field called Token Address:

● Click Next to proceed.

● You will be redirected to confirm adding a token. Click Add Token to confirm.

 In the Assets tab, you will now see your rGLD tokens.

Buying rGLD tokens from a mobile phone: 

The Dapp browser provides the most convenient way to purchase a token from your mobile device. Dapp browsers are available on some mobile wallets, including Metamask and Trust wallet. We will stick with Metamask as it has Dapp browser available on both Android and iPhone devices. 

Make sure you have enabled Binance Smart Chain Network in your mobile wallet as well.

Search for in your Dapp browser, and you can click on BUY TOKENS directly to purchase tokens.

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