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How safe is it to invest in rGLD?

Carlos Rodrigo
Updated 1 year ago
The risk is the same as that of investing in mining operations. The advantage is that, though our project, you can invest 1 token in an activity that until now was impossible to participate due to the high amounts that this activity required. 

It is also very important to mention five very important reasons why it is safe to invest in Rolaz Gold (rGLD):

1) Investments go directly to already operational mines. See whitepaper to learn more about current operations.

2) Our subsidiaries are legally established and comply with each country's regulations.

3) Our certifying partners have a presence all over the world (see whitepaper for more information).

4) Blockchain ensures transparency.

5) Last and most important, this is not a vision. Rolaz has invested in the development of the project, so raised capital will potentiate operations immediately.

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