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Why gold and how is rGLD token backed by gold?

Carlos Rodrigo
Updated 2 weeks ago
Being immersed in mining activity in the last 2 years, Rolaz Group wanted to merge this activity with the emerging technology of Blockchain. The possibility of Tokenize gold in the first instance was born and subsequently developed by a decentralized investment protocol. This protocol, would be oriented to the tokenization of natural, financial and investment assets.

Anyone who is familiar with Crypto, knows that it is an extremely volatile market, with speculative ingredients. That is why we wanted to use gold to mitigate these components that characterize the crypto leveraged by our experience in mining. The purpose of backing our RGLD token with gold, is to create a robust economy by establishing a base price that is indexed to the price of gold. This means that it does not matter what happens to the market or investments, the TOKEN holder will be sure that the value of the token can increase due to the added value generated by the hedge fund, but never go below that base price.

In the scenario that 100% of the token holders decide to stake, 25 million RGLD Tokens will be backed by gold. This will be done through an internal process at the time of gold extraction. The quantity and price will be fixed at that time depending on the price of gold that day.


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